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Proximate privacy manifesto


  • Opt in, opt out, and double down at your preference; total data portability.
  • We claim no ownership whatsoever to the data you share with us from any of your social networks.
  • We make it easy to see what we see, through our site or your social network.


  • We have transparent goals, and those goals are aligned with yours: Honest data, honest analysis.
  • Your data is used for analysis and recommendations specific to your community, and only in that trusted group.
  • We will never, ever promote ourselves with your profile or sell your data.


  • We cherish your trust in us and in your community; we will do everything we can to earn and to keep it.
  • We take every possible precaution to ensure your data is only shared in ways you explicitly authorize: within the membership your community and with its organizers.


  • We believe in the value of social network analysis to change the way we think about community.
  • Better data builds stronger community. You're going to like what we build together.


  • You are not our product; you are our partner.
  • We provide value for you by helping you take action to improve community for your own benefit and others.
  • We provide value for your community organizer by granting them insight and analysis into their community network.

Data we collect & How we use it

  • LinkedIn & Facebook data: When you connect LinkedIn or Facebook we request access to your profile and connections. We use your profile information to let fellow attendees and organizers search for various key terms (like skills or jobs). We use your connections to determine who's meeting each other. We share the profile information and connection data with organizers. We do not sell this data to other 3rd parties. We comply with LinkedIn and Facebook's terms of use & privacy policy.
  • Demographic data: On your Proximate profile page, you can control who can see what fields. This also represents all of the information we have. Note that whoever organized the event you attended can see data marked as "private"
  • Twitter data: When your give us your twitter handle, we (with your permission) show that to fellow attendees. Organizers have access to your twitter handle. We do not sell your twitter handle to 3rd parties. If your twitter account is public, we can see what you are tweeting about.
  • Cookies: We use cookies to store whether or not your logged on and other page-remembering features. The session data is heavily encrypted.
  • Internet metadata: We (via Google Analytics and Gauges) can see several characteristics about you and your browser including your IP address, which indicates your general geographic location. We also collect stats about your browser; mostly to complain about those on you on IE8 or lower.
  • Email and we'll gladly give you all your data.

What you can do about it

  • Toggle data visibility: On your profile page, we show you all of the data we have about you. We also let you control who can see what. Change those toggles to share or hide data. You can also edit (or fully delete) any information you don't want anyone to see.
  • Social network control: From your Proximate profile page you can connect more accounts or simply remove them. Once you remove a social network, you revoke our (and any organizer's) ability to look at your profile. Note that we may have already extracted some data from your profile before you disconnected it. If you would like that removed as well, simply delete the appropriate fields on your Proximate profile.
  • Internet metadata: Browsing the internet truly anonymously is surprisingly difficult. Some easy techniques are to use Chrome's incognito mode or Firefox's private browsing mode. There are low-cost VPN providers that can mask your IP address.
  • If you email with any other question, request, comment, or concern, we WILL respond to you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let us know at